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Can I be tested if I have a skin condition or moles? / Can I be tested if I have a tattoo?

Yes. If possible, your provider will place the test on areas that are not acutely affected. If there are no

unaffected areas, you will receive a blood test instead of a skin test.

Can I stop taking allergy medications when I start drops?

You should stay on allergy medications at the start of SLIT therapy. You may find you have already

started feeling so much better by the follow-up visit that you are no longer medication dependent.

Do the drops work on food allergies?

No, they do not.

How does my provider measure the reaction?

Reactions are evaluated by measuring raised areas of skin with a millimeter ruler. Allergic severity is

grades as follows: 2 – 4 mm = low; 5 – 7 = moderate; 8 – 10 = high; 11 – 13 = very high.

How does sublingual immunotherapy work?

Low doses of harmless allergens are placed under your tongue where they are absorbed by tiny

capillaries. These allergens then attach to dendritic cells, which in turn affect your TH2 cells in ways

that reduce and/or eliminate allergies and related symptoms.


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